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Your work is exceptional and the life-changing results you help your clients achieve is nothing short of profound and yet…

You dream of being a household name, being paid to write columns in national newspapers, featured in high-end glossy magazines and invited to speak on stages around the world but struggle to trust your own voice or grant yourself permission to shine at such heights.

You’re ready to gain recognition as a go-to genius in your industry, conduct media interviews with grace and confidence, have your team manage the constant flow of publicity requests, and raise your fees because your growing waitlist is happy to pay *ANYTHING* to work with you.

In other words, you know deep down you want do more, make a bigger impact and get better opportunities.

But you’re stuck.

You know in the back of your mind that media exposure is the short-cut way to skyrocket your visibility and influence, but it’s just so overwhelming!

While logically you know it’s possible – you’ve seen other people do it – but for you, where do you even start? How do you know who to approach, what they want from you or how to craft a story idea that gets noticed let alone achieves the results you need for your business.

So you spend time on the wrong thing.

You write and rewrite a pitch email over and over again, but never hit send.

Then the one time you take a leap of faith and finally make contact with a Podcast Host or Journalist to try your luck, they don’t respond or decline your offer!

Why would anyone even bother to put themselves through the trauma! You convince yourself sticking to Facebook Ads and social media is the only way to go. It’s a modern digital world after all and you need to be online.

My friend, I’m here to break it to you…

As someone who has worked in media and communications for almost two decades I can confidently say, sharing your story, and making an impact with your message with the *RIGHT* media can be easy, effortless and enjoyable.

Avoiding publicity and hiding behind social media posts is no longer an option if you’re genuine about catapulting your credibility to the next level for long-term sustainable success.

That’s exactly where I come in and show you how to step in to the spotlight and shine, to change the lives of others.

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Sian and I have had a connection for almost 15 years. I’ve worked with Sian as both a journalist, then influencer and she’s always understood my readership/audience, only pitching ideas that are relevant to my publication and/or platform.

Nikki Parkinson, Styling You

Working with Sian has been an inspiring experience. Her attention to detail, her professionalism and understanding of my project has been incredible. She came to me at a time when I really needed support, and she went above and beyond to create some epic work that really was outstanding. I’ve had no hesitation in recommending her to other people, who have also come to see Sian as an incredible asset to their team because she is an amazing business woman, friend and connector.

Tammie Pike, CEO, Empowered Publishing

I’m so happy I discovered you to help me raise the profile of the Ultimate Girls Week Away. Your story ideas, planning and persistence with our media coverage has been exceptional and I’m extremely grateful our paths crossed!

Leisel Albrecht, Founder, Ultimate Girls Week Away