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I’m so excited you’re here….ready to own your message. Grow your profile. Scale your business. Maximise your visibility. Serve your clients to the best of your ability without feeling like a fake. 

I love that! The problem is you don’t know how to get from here to there and second guess everything you do. 

I see you. I feel you.

I believe now is the right time for more women like you to be unapologetic about her truth, her power, her message and her wisdom because it comes from a deeper, sacred space that has been ignored for too long. 

And you know that’s the only way forward too. But how do you take your business to the next level, harness that power and show up with confidence without selling your soul, sharing all your secrets and being picked apart online? 

Let’s be honest, it’s one thing to know it, but it’s another thing to actually make it happen. 

That’s exactly where I come in and help. 

I’m Sian Yewdall. A certified Business Coach and Marketing & Communications professional with close to 20 years in the industry (yes, I really am that old). 

My special blend of magic is helping heart-driven women tap in to their passion and purpose, then mixing it up with a practical step-by-step plan, so they can show up as themselves online, create authentic connections with their clients and stand firm behind their message to make the impact they dream of via their beautiful business.

Because I’m not just your ordinary online Marketing Coach.

With almost two decades in Public Relations, Marketing and Communications I use my professional award-winning experience managing hundreds of clients (from bootstrapping start-ups to savvy global empires and even a Grammy winning Songwriter/Producer) with my personal experience of building a national print magazine and certified coaching skills, to guide women in business via 1:1 business marketing services, workshops and online classes, so that you can take what I know and run with it. 

I’m here because it is my personal belief that the world needs YOU now more than ever to shine your light, share your message and speak your truth to empower the next generation of go-getter females seeking guidance, inspiration and your gifts.

I have the skills, experience and strategic knowledge to support you make the impact you dream of with confidence.

Ready to share your message, make an impact and claim your success?


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For sometime now I’ve known I’ve needed support to help direct my business. I love what I do, but need help letting others know what it is that I can offer.  I met with Sian to discuss and to ask for advice and guidance.  Our session was amazing! Speaking with Sian was insightful, emotional and very helpful.  Sian gave me some practical tools to start the process of becoming solid on who my people are and what I can offer to them. With these tools I am becoming very clear of my direction.  Our catch up also helped improve my confidence in moving forward and owning what it is that I do. I am excited about my business future!

Leisa Parker

Within a ten-minute phone call, I understood how to create a social media plan, I felt like a mountain had suddenly been turned into a speed hump. The ease of our conversation felt supportive and gave me confidence. It was not long after our first meeting, that I had a clear vision of what my action plan was. I had been so caught up on the extensive to do list and could not see what my priorities were. Thank you Sian for clearing my desk and enabling me to see a much clearer picture.

Kylie Michelle