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How To Use Mindful Marketing In Your Business


When I took steps to launch SianYewdall.Com I knew I wanted to incorporate mindfulness in to my strategy from the very get-go. 

Since closing down Woman Rising magazine, being a flood victim and losing our family house earlier this year, and generally feeling overwhelmed with everything being thrown at us, I made the promise to myself that if I start a new business I had to ensure I set it up the way I wanted it to run from the very beginning. 

For me, that meant one thing; knowing my boundaries by practicing mindfulness. 

As a Marketing and Communications professional, incorporating mindfulness doesn’t always come naturally when you’re planning campaigns and going full steam ahead with a creative strategy. 

But he’s the catch, that gung-ho mentality has never resonated with me in the past, so why would I want to bring that energy in to my new business? 

What is Mindful Marketing?

Mindful Marketing is the combination of two very separate tactics. One, the ancient philosophy of mindfulness, where you check your actions are aligned with your beliefs, values and honour you in the present time and moment. 

The second, the modern business principles of marketing. A (some would argue) ego-driven sales technique. 

It might seem like an oxymoron from the outset, but mindful marketing can help to stimulate your business for two reasons: 

  1. Enables you to question your actions, key messages and communication style to identify if it feels right; and
  2. Stay in the present moment to deal with the task at hand and reduce the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that can come from knowing you have a lot to do! 

The second reason is definitely my main reason for developing a mindful marketing strategy for SianYewdall.Com 

As a Marketing & Mindset Coach it’s vitally important for me to ensure my clients know that I have their best intentions in mind and don’t believe on creating campaigns or strategies for them that will leave them feeling completely stressed out and exhausted.

Nothing good ever came from that! 

So, if you like the idea of incorporating more mindfulness in to your business, try these three things today: 

  1. Stop Multi-Tasking: Women are known for their abilities for multi-tasking. It’s a superpower. But unfortunately it’s also a first-class ticket to Burn Out town. Try to focus on only ONE thing at a time and complete one task before moving on to the next one. It doesn’t all have to be done yesterday. 
  2. Take Conscious Action: Try to think or visual through each step of the process before diving in. Knowing how you’d like something to go and knowing which steps you’re going to follow not only enables you to take action with confidence, but do it with more efficiency, thus saving time in the long run. 
  3. Surrender Control: While goals are important and will keep you on track, not all goals will be accomplished according to your deadline. I hate to remind you, but sometimes plans don’t work at the exact day, time and moment we want them to. Just because you want to issue the perfect Facebook Ad to engage your audience, doesn’t mean your child won’t get sick, the husband forgot to put out the garbage or a client won’t have a huge issue you need to fix asap. When you force things to happen and are determined to meet a deadline because you want to achieve a goal, surrender and ask for support from the Universe to know how to move forward.  

How do you want to incorporate more mindful marketing activities in to your business? 

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