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5 Marketing Mistakes Sabotaging Your Business

Discover these common mistakes and how to fix them

When you start a business it’s natural to tell everyone about it. 

Your friends, parents, neighbour, colleagues (the nice ones), your vet and maybe a facebook status update – if you’re a little daring. 

Soon your promotional efforts needs to expand your immediate circle of comfort in order to actually…you know… build a thriving business. 

It’s at this point when you start to trip yourself up with a few common marketing mistakes we’ve all struggled with at one point, as we find out feet in this game.

Here’s the thing, at its core, marketing is just you sharing how your goods can solve someone else’s problem. 

It’s not about YOU! #sorrynotsorry 

If you can remember that, then you’ll be able to easily fix any of these five common marketing mistakes I’ve compiled for you.

Common Mistake #1: No Next Step

I need to give credit where credit is due here. This idea came from Denise Duffield-Thomas in her book Chillpreneur. When I read it, I thought “No, we can’t be that worried about being liked that we don’t tell someone what to do next!”

But we do! I see it all the time now.

In emails, in social media posts, in facebook ads, in articles or even a networking conversation. There is no ‘next step’ for someone if they are interested in learning more or buying from you. 

How is your customer going to visit your website, leave a comment, learn more about your new product or sign up to your mailing list if you don’t ask them to? 

People are not mind readers, but we are certainly lazy, so please for the love of all things good and holy tell us what the NEXT step is and help us connect with you further. It’s the most effective form of marketing… just ask!

Common Mistake #2: Too Many Offers

When you’re a passionate and inspired business owner it’s natural to offer a variety of different products and/or services to give your customers choice. 

That’s so nice of you. Now, stop it! 

If not for the simple fact that it’s too overwhelming. If you’re still new in the game and building a reputation, then selling too much stuff can get confusing. I would guess it’s also causing you significant stress back of house as you try and maintain it all, or produce more to appear ‘fresh and relevant’. 

My tip? Less is more in the online world. Just pick one or two signature products or services that you can build and become known for, (and also have the best profit margin) and get those working for you before expanding your brand’s portfolio. 

Common Mistake #3: Lack Of Research

It’s really important you’re passionate about your thing. That’s why you’re doing it and that’s awesome. Now, have you actually asked if anyone else wants EXACTLY what you’re offering?

It’s OK to test the waters first and make sure you’re on the right path. And if not, then you’ve got the information you need to make sound changes. 

Research doesn’t have to be hard. Just ask approx 10 Qs (everything you want to know!) using a system like SurveyMonkey (it’s free) and aim for at least 100 ideal customers to answer it. Be prepared to hustle to get all your respondents. This is pure gold information and will save you months of wasted time, energy and money down the track.

Bonus tip: Make sure you include an open ended question so your participants can give you personalised feedback.  Then, you can use their words in your sales page and copy to show that you really understand their needs and create better connection.

Common Mistake #4: Under Charging

Yes, really. Not setting your fees at the right price point can impact your brand and reduce potential sales because it doesn’t appear valuable enough. 

For example, I recently saw an online course provided by a leading industry expert offering all her years of research for one VERY cheap “all access” fee. My first thought was “What’s wrong with it? Why is it so cheap?” 

When your target audience doesn’t match the pricing strategy, or the value of the goods doesn’t match the cost, it can genuinely sabotage your sales and go against you.

Think of it this way; doesn’t a luxurious hotel suite that costs you several hundred dollars FEEL better than a suite that’s $29? Remember we buy with our emotions and justify it with logic.

People are more willing to pay for something that is valuable and transformative, but if it’s too cheap then it can make them ask questions and second guess their need to buy it. If you try and price it too low so ‘everyone buys it’ the opposite will happen and you will attract the wrong people!

Obviously hosting a sale or using a deadline to secure your stuff at a discounted rate is a standard sales tactic. It’s not that price all day everyday. 

Common Mistake #5. Wallflower language

Repeat after me: I have NOTHING to be sorry for! I’m allowed to be in business. I am a successful business owner. I can make money. 

Now, doesn’t that feel good?! Sister, it’s the truth. 

If you’re subconsciously holding doubts towards your business or perhaps you don’t feel ‘good enough’, this can translate at all customer touch points. 

From the copy used on your website, to the social media posts advertising your business, to the long wordy sentences in your blogs and emails. It’s all one big wallflower standing silently by herself in the corner waiting for someone to notice her.

Please remove any vague, apologetic words stat! These give off the vibe that you’re not really that um sure… so maybe, if you kinda wanna….but no pressure. #YaKnow

Wallflower language rapidly reduces connection with your customers, impacts your own confidence and damages your brand.

You have created an incredible product – be confident in it and in yourself, because you are providing a valuable thing the world really needs! Don’t apologise. If you’re not confident, then who will be?

Now in the comments below, tell me if any of these 5 common marketing mistakes rings true for you or shined a light on similar activity in your business?

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