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How To Act Confident In Business And Not Feel Like A Fraud

When I started SianYewdall.Com all I could think of was, ‘what are people going to think?” 

‘Here she goes again starting another business” 

I’d already folded Woman Rising magazine and The Woman Rising Network. I’d attempted a stint as a Life Coach years earlier only to shut that down faster than you could blink because, well I thought ‘who am I to be a life coach?’ I’m only 33! 

Starting a business is an incredible privilege. Many people don’t follow through on their thoughts, hopes and dreams so to take that initial leap of faith in yourself is a wonderful achievement despite how it might end up. 

Since trying my hand in the entrepreneurial world, meeting other passionate women in this space I realised, what they all have in common is this feeling that someone is about to tap them on their shoulder and say ‘Sorry Love, Time’s Up. You’re Busted.” 

But WHO on this earth – in 2019 in Australia – has the right to do that? Who has the same unique skills, experience, knowledge, passion, and intelligence x 10 to tell you to stop doing EXACTLY what you’re doing right now because you’re not good enough? WHO has that power? Or more importantly who have you GIVEN that power too?

The only measure of success you need to pass or fail is the one you create in your heart and soul (and perhaps your bank balance but that’s just numbers…) that aligns with the life you dream of. Even then, I would argue that your definition of ‘failure’ would be very different from mine or someone else’s.

If this resonates with you and you’re struggling to feel confident with your business, promoting yourself and genuinely backing yourself in business to make moves forward, here are the three confident hacks I have come to implemented to give me the swift upper cut I need to pull up my big girl pants and simply get on with the job I know others need me to:

  1. Create A Reverse Bucket List

That bucket list you’ve got swirling around your head of things you want to do before you die? Yes it’s great for one-day, but what about all those things you’ve ALREADY achieved that have made you the incredible person you are today? From finishing university; moving cities; meeting the man of your dreams; raising smart, independent children; starting your own business; travelling the world; building a house and creating a home – YOU did that! You didn’t know how to do any of that when you were 3 but as you grew and figured things out along the way you made things happen that you were passionate about. Why can’t you do the same in business? Why are you giving yourself such a hard time because someone might say something that might not align with your heart and soul? Why are you investing so much energy in to what they THINK – if it’s even real? 

When you can write down a long list of everything you’e already done in your life and some of your proudest achievements, then you will see how far you’ve come and that you’ve got exactly what it takes to really make a difference and achieve those dreams you dare to dream. If you had the gumption to achieve that, why can’t you achieve this next thing?

2. Fact Check Your Stories

In the media world there are ‘fact checkers’. They are people who have to research and fact check the stories a journalist writes before they are published so they the news is accurate and the outlet can’t be sued.

There comes in a time in life when you need to stop and fact check your own stories because the information you’re putting out into the world might not be true. Instead it’s based on information you’ve told yourself over and over again that you inevitably THINK is true. For example I can’t exercise anymore because I don’t sleep well at night and am too exhausted to get out of bed and go for a run. Fact check: Do I sleep well? No. Can I still get exercise at any other time in the day? Yes. Am I being lazy instead of finding an alternative? Yes. 

Fact Check – FAILED! 

Perhaps your story sounds like this: I can’t write social media posts I don’t have anything to say. 

Fact check – Can you construct a sentence? Yes. Do you need to sell goods and services to stay in business and make money? Yes. Are you actually avoiding social media because you’re worried what others might think of you? Yes. 

Fact Check – FAILED. 

How could you reframe these stories to empower you instead? Using the social media story as the example, it could become:

I have everything I need to grow a loyal community on social media that will support me and my business.

3. Gain Professional Support

One of the easiest ways to gain confidence and back yourself in business is to connect with women who understand what it’s like to be in business and all the nitty-gritty that entails.

The number of Facebook groups now available to female entrepreneurs, start-ups and creatives all coming together online to support each other is exceptional, but there comes a time when you need comprehensive advice and support specifically tailored to YOUR business. As supportive as business orientated Facebook groups are, the ability to provide transforming assistance is limited.

Find yourself a consultant, coach or guru that can spend dedicated time with you and your business and provide the strategic advice and proven know-how you need to scale, grow and thrive. An investment in your business health not only supercharges your confidence to take action towards achieving your goals, but will enable you to progress personally and professionally much faster than trying to do it all yourself.

I know you’re an intelligent independent woman, but asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It’s brave and will get you where you want to be faster than going alone.

Tell me in the comments below:

  • What is one thing on your Reverse Bucket List that helps give you confidence do in your business today?
  • What type of support and advice would you love to gain to scale and grow your business?
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