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When Things Don’t Flow In Your Business: Try This


The ups and downs of business are as guaranteed as death and taxes. 

Just when you think things are moving along nicely and you’re hitting your stride, an algorithm can change; a client or two can cancel or a product doesn’t sell as well as you thought it would. 

These hiccups are normal. Business is never smooth sailing all of the time. 

But when it happens, it can also spark a sneaky little thought of “will this ever be successful?” Or worse, “am I cut out to do this?” 

Those second thoughts can trigger an internal tug-o-war and leave you with an uneasy feeling that things just aren’t quite right.

If you’ve had those intuitive nudges, it’s the perfect time to take a long hard look at your beliefs about business and what it means to be a success, because I’m guessing that there could be a few underlying thoughts buried way down low keeping you from achieving your beautiful dreams. 

If yes, then do yourself a favour and grab a pen and paper and nut out your first response to these three questions:

  1. Do you believe you’re allowed to have a successful business?

I’ve had conversations with clients during 1:1 meetings when their language indicates that they really don’t think success is something for them. Success is a foreign concept that they’ve never witnessed in friends or family before so they laugh it off as if it’s never going to happen. 

This type of reaction shows me that despite their best intentions and desire to work for themselves, developing a successful and sustainable business won’t happen unless they first grant themselves permission to create success.

Your beliefs about what it means to be a ‘success’ could be preventing you from making genuine change and creating the type of business you really want. 

2. What are you most of afraid of? 

When I launched my business as a Marketing & Mindset Mentor at SianYewdall.Com it was 6 months after I’d shut down Woman Rising magazine. One of the main reasons for my decision to close the business was its significant impact on time with my family. 

Everyday I was writing, interviewing, pitching features, planning future issues or managing contributors – not to mention writing extra weekly articles for the blog, emailing subscribers, developing paid partnerships and managing a team to produce the quarterly mag. 

After 18 months, not only was I exhausted, but it was an off-the-cuff remark my 3 year-old made when I asked him to play that made me realise just how much time I was working and not spending with my family. 

He said, “No I have to work. I’m busy.” OUCH!

When I decided to start working one-on-one with women, one of my greatest fears was the thought that success would mean not being present for my kids. This caused a lot of anxiety and I thought if I created a successful business then I couldn’t have a happy family life. It was one or the other. This was my GREATEST fear and something I had to work hard on releasing before I could move forward. 

Could you be holding back afraid that if you create the business you dream of it means something else would have to fail? 

3. What needs to change in your business or life to create space for success? 

Success doesn’t land by accident. It’s often the end result of consistent action and a well-planned strategy to achieve it. 

Yet as Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Friends, Sisters and All The Other Hats we wear, there is rarely any mental, emotional or physical space left to welcome in success. Have you ever said, “if someone asks me to do one more thing I might explode?” 

The idea of doing more or adding something else to your life adds wood to the fire. You’re left feeling stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed and potentially really depressed because you can’t see a way to create change. 

It’s time to take stock of what you do and whether or not those tasks impact your bottom line. 

You can’t create success if you don’t know how.

Make a list of everything you do in your business for a day and then look at ways you can either outsource them, say ‘no’ to them or just stop them altogether. 

Putting a system in place to make yourself more productive and profitable shows the Universe that you’re serious about creating success but also gets rid of all those energy-sucking pointless jobs that leave you absolutely no time or energy to say ‘yes’ to success. 

Tell me in the comments below, what could you say ‘no’ to to create more space for success? How could it let your business flow again? 

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