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4 Reasons You’re Not Achieving Your Goals



As my coaching practice grows I’m starting to connect with some incredible women who are passionate and like-minded in their ambition to achieve great things. 

They are all intelligent, educated and determined women and I am so honoured to connect with them and help them grow their business. 

During a live coaching session with me, the conversation will at some point turn to talking about goals. 

The question is normally some sort of the following: ’What are your goals?’ 

Without knowing your business goals, I can’t help you move forward. That’s like asking a Pilot to fly a plane but not know the destination. 

Yet, this question can also send a shiver down the back of even the most confident of woman. 

If that sounds like you, here are 4 reasons why you might not be achieving your business goals:

  1. You Don’t Set Them

The old cliche is true, “If you fail to plan than you plan to fail.” A goal is just one objective you have to achieve something you want. 

Goals are connected to your overall business plan and implemented with a detailed marketing plan.

The word ‘goal’ can conjure up dark and negative feelings for some because there is an underlying belief that if they fail to achieve the goal, then they assume they are not good enough or a ‘failure’, so they avoid setting goals altogether, thus leaving them free to achieve ‘success’ in their own time and not feel pressure. 

Logically, I can understand this position and, at first, I sympathise. But in the end… I will always call BS! 

When you avoiding setting goals and a grand end goal for your business, what you’re actually doing is telling the Universe that you’re not 100% committed to your dream and are fine wishing and hoping for it to come true. 

Then if it just so happens to all out the sky, you’ll be pumped. But if it doesn’t you can think, “Oh well, I never set a goal anyway so I haven’t really failed.” 

Answer me this, what’s wrong with failure? 

Woman Rising magazine ‘failed’ for me, but the experience of starting it and ending it has helped me enormously in my new business. My failure was, at the end the day, more freeing because it allowed me to do more of what I really wanted to do. 

If you never fail you can also never win. Think about that. 

Set a goal and know where you are headed. Otherwise you’ll keep going around in circles or you’ll grow tired of business because there will be no obvious success and you’ll quit. 

2. You’re Manic Marketing 

This is my personal favourite and something I’ve DEFINITELY done before. 

Manic Marketing is when you know you have a sale coming up, a promotion or big launch and suddenly start pushing everything you’ve got down the Facebook or Instagram tunnel and plead for results. 

You’re forcing your marketing to achieve specific results for one activity, but as soon as it’s over you go back to saving your marketing for whenever you have a spare minute or when you have something to say. 

Marketing is one of those business tools that needs to be ON all the time. 

MacDonalds and Coca-Cola – two of the largest brands in the world – dedicate a minimum of 4% of their monthly profits back to their marketing budgets before allocating budget to anything else. 

Read that again… 4% of their MONTHLY profits BEFORE anything else. 

Why is that? 

Because Marketing is the number 1 business tool that connects your brand with your audience and keeps you top of mind when they start looking for your product or service. 

Now, I’m not telling you to dedicate 4% of your profit to marketing, but don’t leave all your marketing eggs to the one campaign basket. 

Make sure your marketing is consistent and sustainable so when a sale or new project comes along, you’re not having to reconnect to your audience and warm them up all over again. They are ready, waiting and willing to buy.

3. You’re Wearing Busy Like A Badge Of Honour

Your goals will go by the way side when you don’t give them any time, love or attention. They’re like house plants that will look green and lush one day and in the blink of an eye, appear dried-out and dead the next. 

Your goals can suffer when they lack priority over the million other things you have to accomplish. Usually this can occur because, on some level, we trust our goals are taking care of themselves because you’re still posting, you’re still selling, you’re still making a profit, so you assume it’s not all bad. 

But if you’re serious about growing your business then dedicating time and energy to essential tasks that will help it grow and flourish should take precedent over everything else. 

Not sure this is you? 

Record all your actions and the time it takes you to complete it over one day and one week. This will give you a snap shot of how you’re spending your time and what activities you work on the most. Are you being productive? If not, think of ways to delegate all those ‘busy’ tasks and get back to focusing on maximising your productivity and growth to thrive in business.

4. You’re Focused On The End Vision Not Today

I was reminded of this recently when I got too caught up in my own vision for my business that I lost sight of the immediate goals I needed to achieve to get me there. 

When you’re committed to your grand vision and big business goal, it can be overwhelming and debilitating to your day to day operations. 

You can get swept away in the grandness of it and think, “how do I get there from here?” 

Getting too focused on the end goal can leave you trapped into believing you have to DO IT ALL tomorrow when in fact all you have to do is focus on one step at a time. 

Take your big vision and break it down in to smaller more manageable goals that you can accomplish it in a realistic timeline. 

This takes away the overwhelm and pressure of achieving your big goal, but you are still taking smaller and meaningful movement forward.

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