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Social Media vs Publicity: Which One Is For You?


During a recent 1:1 session with a new client, she admitted that she was spending most of her free time working on her social media profile to position herself as an influencer. She had come to me with help to grow her profile with a bespoke marketing strategy. 

When I suggested we needed to create a PR plan to broaden her reach and amplify her in the market, she was immediately hesitant. 

As a professional PR woman with more than 17 years in the industry, I know PR is a no-brainer. It’s fast, has rapid results for clients and is completely free of charge – aka no advertising spend to secure your press coverage. 

Aside from that, my client is AMAZING and her healing work with women is next level! It needs to be shouted from the rooftops. 

I instantly rolled off a list of both print media and digital female sites, that I knew would be interested in her message to help their readers. 

For me, while it was an obvious next step to grow her business, my client felt she should focus on social media and grow online instead. 

In response I listed the following 8 comparisons to highlight the difference between Social Media and Publicity to allow my client to make the final decision on which way we should focus her marketing efforts: 

  1. You control the message you deliver on social media but don’t control who or how many see it unless you pay big bucks to advertise 
  2. Securing media coverage provides you a level of authority not available from social media. 
  3. Social media is you just promoting yourself 
  4. Publicity is someone else saying, ‘you need to hear from this woman’ 
  5. You are fighting for space and to cut-through the noise on social via hashtags 
  6. A ‘As Featured On’ press section on your website adds credibility and influence – plus you can link it back to each individual press clip you’ve gained to further promote your work. 
  7. You can use social media to promote your publicity and kill two birds with one stone
  8. Your social media will grow as a result of your publicity as more people learn about you and seek you out.

I love social media as much as the next woman – maybe even more! But if you’re legitimate about growing your business, stepping up your visibility and claiming your place as an industry leader, then publicity is the winner hands down. 

Not sure if publicity is for you, book a free 30 minute discovery call with me today.

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