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6 Excuses You Never Hear From A Successful Woman

As the number of successful women in business escalates, our pool of inspirational leaders is growing.

Seeing a strong, financially independent woman at the helm of her own empire is more common today than when I was young. I’m not saying they didn’t exist, it’s just more prominent as women are creating their own success and proudly championing their achievements – or I’m just taking more notice, which is also more likely.

Either way, when reading an interview or listening to women on podcasts, TV shows or their Youtube Channel, their language, positivity and ability to maintain an excellent level of self-discipline is inspiring.

Women who have climbed a ladder, reached incredible highs as entrepreneurs, garnered spectacular attention for their achievements can experience the same challenges, frustrations and fears like the rest of us, but they don’t use them as weapons of self-destruction.

In fact, here are 6 statements I’ve never heard from a successful woman:

  1. “It was perfect so I knew I was ready.”

Hands up if you’ve ever heard an entrepreneur admit their product, service or new concept was perfect. No? Because it NEVER happens.

Successful women know they need to take action and learn as they go and waiting for perfection is just a dream killer. Successful women aren’t perfect. They know perfection doesn’t exist, yet they dived in anyway and learned on the job.

2. “I don’t have time right now. I’ll wait until…”

If something is important to you, you will commit to your vision and make time to work towards it.

Elizabeth Gilbert says, ‘if you want to be a writer than you have to write every day, even if it’s only for ten minutes.’

Taking action and woking towards your goals can be as simple as creating little ten minute blocks of action each day. You don’t have to change your whole life, just find small windows of time to take a small step. Send one email. Make one call. Write one sales page. Send one sample to an Influencer.

Then before you know it a few weeks and a month has gone by and you’ve actually made real progress! Saying, “I don’t have time right now” is not the mindset of a successful woman.

3. “I changed all of my plans because of what they might say about me.”

Seriously?! Could you imagine the world we’d live in if Oprah said, “I was going to start my own talk show but I decided against it because of what people MIGHT say about me.”


Of course a successful woman can be afraid, anxious and scared of the unknown – they’re still human – but when you have a dream it’s YOUR responsibility to bring it to fruition. You can’t get to the top if you change everything you dream of based on something someone MIGHT say. That’s never a good recipe for a success.

A successful woman backs herself and her vision.

4. “I’m not good enough.”

Did you give up before you learned to ride a bike? Did you stop yourself from getting your driver’s licence because you didn’t know how or assumed you weren’t good enough?

NO! You tried and tried again. Now it’s second nature and you don’t think twice before getting in your car and driving away, completely confident and free to do whatever you please.

Yes, there might be times when a successful woman doubts herself, but she will never let it control her decisions, change her path and sabotage her goals. Neither should you.

5. “It’s not fair.”

Successful women will not stand-by and complain about their lot in life, they will find a way to work around any situation or challenge in order to keep moving forward.

Yes you’re entitled to feel frustrated, but a successful woman won’t spend weeks whinging about how nothing ever works, the government is too blame or her competitors always ‘win’. She gets over herself, makes the decision to stop complaining and change what she can control.

6. “I can do it all by myself.”

Self-made millionaire and female entrepreneur Denise Duffield-Thomas wrote this article explaining exactly how much help she has in her business and at home in order to run her $3m+ global business.

From early on, Denise knew she needed to commit to getting help both around the house and in her business. She admits that in order to do her best work and raise a family of 3, she wanted help and will be the first to admit she could not do it all alone. Yes, she has a husband who also works for her company.

Successful women know the power that comes from asking for help and outsourcing time wasting tasks to someone else. To get to the top of your game, getting help is one of the most life affirming actions you can take and is a sign that you’re serious about your rise to the top.

Tell me in the comments below, are you guilty of using some of these excuses in your business? Is there another statement you say, that you don’t hear successful women use?

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