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How To Power-Up Your Productivity During The Pandemic

Hands up if you’ve found yourself doing just enough to get by lately? 

Perhaps, you’re giving yourself a little bit of time off because everyone’s at home, and trying to maintain the same workload is really difficult when the kids are under your feet 24/7…oh and the world is in lockdown. Oh, that!

Sister, I’m right there with you. 

As a Mum of a 9 year old at home from school, a 4 year old and a 2 year-old (all boys I might add!) working from home during this global pandemic is both overwhelming and underwhelming all at the same time… 

Let’s be honest, it can be extremely difficult to be motivated when day after day you have to find new innovative ways to entertain the crew, maintain their school work, there’s a bunch of good shows appearing on Netflix and you have cleaned out all the cupboards in the house…twice.

If you’ve got those feels, then here are three ways to dump the distractions, and power-up your productivity so you can fight this pandemic head on and still your achieve business goals. 

Do The Jobs You Hate First – The easiest way to get on track and feel good about getting things done in your business, is when you set the intention to complete those annoying tasks first. If you’re like me, then you love knowing you don’t have painful things you’d rather ignore on your to-do list because they’ve been taken care of. Unfortunately you’re the only one who can do it, so set yourself time to focus on getting them done and then reward yourself with the fun stuff! It’s self-discipline at its finest.

Don’t Try To Do It All – Yes you might want to use this time to invest in your business and create things you’ve always wanted to do, but do you have to achieve it all before dinner? When you heap pressure on yourself to get a big bunch of work done, it usually back fires and procrastination rears its ugly head. Just do one small thing a day that keeps moving you forward to achieve your goals. Set yourself one task and focus on it and only it for a solid 20 to 30 minutes. That’s all you need to do to keep moving forward. Plus it about 3 episodes of Bluey so the kids will be happy too!

Create Before You Consume – Marie Forleo said it first and I live by it! Essentially Marie is reminding all of us not to fall down the Internet rabbit hole in search of inspiration. If you waste time looking at what others are doing for guidance and direction, not only will you start to compare yourself to others, but your work will be influenced by someone else. Don’t worry about your competitors – they are NOT you. Instead focus on what your customers need from you and how you can really help them through this time too. There could be someone out there ready to here what you’ve got to say… 

What tip are you going to try this week? Leave me a comment below.

Sian x

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