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5 Things To Do To When You’re Feeling Stuck & Don’t Know What To Do


To say we’re all trying to adjust to a new normal as the world fights Coronavirus, is stating the obvious. 

But what isn’t obvious is how we’re suppose to handle this situation (apart from those forced upon us to keep us safe and healthy).

When it comes to your business, there are no tried and tested campaign results to spruik. We can’t share testimonials as social evidence of how well we’ve handle this pandemic in the past and no-one – I’m totally guessing – would have a 6 week online course providing a step-by-step roadmap to grow your social influence using Coronavirus as the case study (well, maybe that last one might happen after all of this is over… but it’s not available this week, as far as I know).

The point is, all we can do to survive this global outbreak is to revisit the elements of growing your business online that we know are genuine, authentic and supportive of your community, to come out the other side with grace and a loyal audience.

If you’re feeling lost and not sure what to focus on because your marketing plans have gone out the window then here are 5 ideas to keep you on your game when you don’t know what else to do to #SurviveRona. 

  1. Increase Your Connection – Socially distancing yourself now is incredibly serious, but maintaining connection is more important than ever. Both Facebook and Instagram have reported more than a 50% increase on the use of their Stories tool as more people turn to social media to create and maintain connection. Now is the time to turn up the dial on your social media activity and remind your audience that you’re here, and you’re ready to help anyway you know how.
  2. Supercharge Your Online Systems – If you’ve had to shift your services and activities from a face-to-face model to an online portal, make sure your home or business internet can handle the extra work. In Australia, Telstra and Optus have provided their customers unlimited data free of charge to support the demand. Then check out your website and make sure it’s working for you at all the various touch points. If more and more people are online looking for virtual classes or courses, don’t miss the opportunity to turn that interest in to investment. Work your way through your online presence and supercharge your systems to capture those potential new customers.  
  3. Get Ready To Rebound – Are there things you’ve always wanted to do for your business, but never had the time? Do you want to transfer your Mailchimp account to ActiveCampaign, perhaps start a Podcast or hire a Coach to take your marketing to the next level? Use this extended time at home (and increased internet capabilities) to invest more in your business and get ready to rebound with style. 
  4. Redefine Success For 2020 – Now is a great time to reconsider all of those goals you set in January when the year looked so stock standard. Are they still relevant? Are you excited to still work for them? What does success look and feel like now as a result of these challenging circumstances? For me, it has solidified that I love working from home and want the ability to work remotely from anywhere (when we’re allowed to travel again)… but it’s also made me more determined to create a strong passive income. Has this pandemic shifted your perspective?
  5. Look After Your Mental Health – I believe your mental health is just as important as your physical health to survive Coronavirus. Your business is extremely important, but there is no business without you, so please take care of yourself. Some small things I’m doing each day to support my self-care is reducing the amount of news I’m watching; being mindful of the the language I use from being ‘stuck’ to being ‘safe’ at home, still getting outside in the yard and playing with the kids, drinking my greens smoothies and trying to maintain perspective. 

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, which one of these tips will you try today? Leave me a comment below or send me a DM.

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