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6 Steps To Write A Simple & Effective Marketing Plan


Did you know that creating and implementing a marketing plan for your business is one of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success – so why don’t more of us do it? 

Last week, I explained what a marketing plan was and helped you to determine if you even needed one for your business. 

Of course, I believe if you’re genuine about creating a sustainable and successful business, then creating a solid foundation on which to grow and thrive is essential – and all of that is possible when you have a marketing plan in place.  

In this article, I’m going to take you one step further and highlight the 6 essential steps you need to write your simple and effective marketing plan, to achieve your goal effortlessly. 

Why is it important?

Because when you know what to do, when to do it and most importantly WHY you’re doing it, your business will start humming like a well oiled machine and you can focus on doing more of what you truly love.

Here are the 6 steps to write a simple marketing plan to get your business on track and firing on all cylinders:

1. COMPLETE AN AUDIT – You can’t achieve your goal if you don’t know where you’re starting, so  before you dive in all guns blazing, take note of exactly where you are at right now in your business. This will help you track your growth and figure out what works and what doesn’t. For example, how many prospects are on your email list, how many Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/whatever followers do you have, how much money did you make last month, what type of content gets the best reaction and engagement and how many visitors do you have to your website?  This information is really powerful so you get a clear picture of exactly where you’re business is right now. 

2. PICK A GOAL – You can’t create a strategy for something if you don’t have an end goal in mind. Choose the one thing you want to focus on that will underpin all your marketing efforts for the next 90 days. It could be building your email list, attracting more social media followers, selling X products to make $x for the next quarter or booking 6 new clients in your VIP class. Get specific so you can measure the outcome.

3. GET DISCOVERED – The old idea of creating a website and people finding your product because it’s good is sooooo 1995. You need to get comfortable with putting yourself out there to get discovered and leading your prospects back to your website or shop front. Focus on one main channel or platform that you will use to generate traffic to grow your audience, but above all else GET DISCOVERED.

4. CREATE CONNECTION – Once people discover your services or products then you want to create a connection by offering them a sample of your bigger offer. This offer is called a Lead Magnet or Opt-In. It’s the freebie you give someone in return for their email address. This allows you start building a relationship with your new friend and showing them why you’re the expert in your field. Consider ways to nurture this relationship, by setting up an automated email sequence to introduce yourself, your story and your services.  Connection and relationships are vital! 

5. ASK FOR THE SALE – Once you create connection it’s time to ask for the sale. Many women I know shy away from this step because they figure if their potential new buyer really wanted to their service or offer then they would find it. But have you ever done that? No, you need to take them buy the hand and say straight up “Buy Now”. Trust me, when I use the Buy Now button it works 10x better than when I use ‘Learn More’ or something cute like ‘I can’t wait to discover more’. It’s not rude to ask for the sale, it’s business. 

6. FOLLOW UP – If you had a friend over for dinner, wouldn’t you text the next day and say, ‘Thanks again for coming over last night. It was great to see you.” That’s what needs to happen in your marketing plan too. Set up an automated email to your new customer that acknowledges their purchase and shows your gratitude for their business. It’s easier to keep a customer and make more sales from them than trying to create new customers every time. 

Now you know the basic steps for a effortless marketing plan, write down what you will do for each of the above and get working on your new strategy. 

Want to dive in further and walk away with a 90 day marketing strategy that will empower you to grow and scale your business?

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