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How To Reset & Recover Your Goals After #Rona

Has this insane Coronavirus experience got you in a spin?

Are you feeling frustrated and defeated, because you would’ve liked to have achieved more, created more and used this time more wisely?

Sister, I’m right there with you!

Firstly, go ahead and have a good cry! Seriously, it works for me 🙂

Second, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and decide that it’s OK to pause for a while.

It’s OK if things don’t unfold just the way you want them too, because the Universe is telling us we need to focus on other things.

Third, make the decision to get back on track.

If you’re starting to see light at the end of the tunnel now restrictions are easing in Australia and you’re ready to reboot your business, here’s 4 ways to reconnect to your goals and emerge from this crisis like the kick-ass business woman you are! 

1. Reconnect to your mission

Is your ultimate mission still valid?

Does your message still need to be heard?

Are you still deeply connected to your greater ‘WHY’?

Get back to basics with a beautiful mediation or visualisation and connect with your bigger mission to fire you up. Does it still resonate with you after this experience or has this crisis exposed a new way of thinking, acting and behaving?

Things change and it’s OK to change your grand vision if it no longer aligns with you at the core.

If things have changed slightly, trust me… you’re NOT a failure. Even if someone is relying on you or you’ve made a promise to do something in your business, when you explain the intention behind the change your clients will be fine! 

The only person you can let down if you don’t reconnect with this dream and deeper purpose is yourself.

2. Audit Your Online Presence – Now, you’re realigned to your goals it’s time to catch up and get a pulse-check of exactly where you’re starting from.

There’s no point trying to push ahead and keep going if you don’t take a look over all your marketing efforts and figure out what’s working for you or not.

Let’s face it, if we’ve learnt anything as a result of #SurvivingRona it’s that our online presence matters.

If you’re tired of winging it and want a professional’s expert advice then you can book a Marketing Audit with me, but you can also spend a few hours going through your website, social media channels and lead magnet to determine if it’s still relevant to your ideal customer and if you need to change it up to re-correct your course to suit your goals. 

3. Get Productive

No this isn’t another productivity hack blog post. This is permission to let go of everything you thought you wanted to do this year and instead focus on what you really need to do to achieve your goals.

In other words, it’s time to get serious and schedule the Must-Dos and delete the Nice To – Dos off your task list.

If your goal is to increase your email database but you’re still hooked on trying to understand the Instagram algorithm, then you’re not really using your time wisely. 

So I recommend, making a list of everything you WANT to do and everything you NEED to do and determine which actions will actually help you achieve that goal, and what will ultimately move your business forward.  

Once you determine what actually needs to happen, and the step by step process you’re going to take, then schedule it in your diary or block out time in your business calendar to actually work on your business. Yes it will take time and yes it will be frustrating but you will be sooooo genuinely happy when it’s done and you’re organised. 

4. Stop Working So Hard – Seriously you need to rest! 

Between home-schooling, running a business and being the leader of your family, you need to stop for a bit.

This might seem counter productive but you have to walk away from your business for a day to get some perspective and allow the creative energy and the joy of working, to flow back to you. 

It’s incredible what drops in to your head when you’re not thinking about it.

When I need to shift some wonky energy because it all feels too hard, I feel flat, or I’m not enjoying the process, I get outside for a run or play with my kids or do something else. Hey, I’ve even been known to clean….#SeriouslyTho, it’s not procrastination when it’s genuine. 

Stop working so hard and take care of yourself. You mindset will shift and your goals will thrive as a result because you’ve had time to recharge. 

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