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3 Common Marketing Myths Debunked


As a Marketing Coach working one-on-one with female business owners, I often have conversations to help them brainstorm the best way to reach their dream audience to grow their business and increase bookings.

You know I love nothing more than talking strategies, goal setting, communication to show them how to grow their business online, but I find I’m often having the same conversations over and over again to set the record straight and help my clients break free of some common and sabotaging marketing myths. 

Unfortunately when these ideas get stuck in our head they naturally become gospel and TRUTH as if it’s the ONLY way to grow. 

That’s simply not the case. 

So this week, I wanted to highlight 3 common marketing myths I hear and why, if you continue to focus on them, will they not only hurt your business in the long run but leave you feeling disappointed and frustrated. 

MYTH 1 – Your social media accounts should be your prime focus  

If you follow me on Instagram then I know you’ve heard me talk about this ad nauseam. And I will continue to harp on about it until the cows come home… Social media is not and should not be your only focus to build a business. 

Even Social Media Influencers will tell you that! 

If you look at my account, I’ve only got several hundred followers which is teeny tiny. Of course, I’d like those numbers to grow (I’m human!) but I don’t place my focus there because I know my business comes as a direct result of two things, 1) my weekly emails and 2) networking.

As someone who has a powerful message to share and a story to tell, social media is incredibly powerful to build relationships and increase your profile, however the challenge to growing your business is the process of nurturing your interested prospect to a raving paying personal client. 

In other words, social media is the first step in what should be a clear cut system to turn them from interested in to invested and back again. 

If you’re sole focus at the moment is growing your Instagram followers, I challenge you to focus on the followers you’ve already got, and find a way to move them one step further along the customer journey – i.e. signing up to your lead magnet (free opt-in) to gain their email address.

When you receive their email address you have permission to communicate to them directly. This relationship is imperative to your business growth and long term success.

I talk about this in more detail in my free eBook 5 MARKETING MISTAKES SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS MAKE which you get when you join the Mindful Marketing Movement Facebook Group

MYTH 2 – Discount Your Prices To Increase Sales 

Unfortunately this form of marketing seems logical at first glance, but scratch the surface and it’s quite damaging to your brand. 

You see, despite the good feelings that come from reducing your fees – like you’re doing your clients a favour, in actual fact when you’re at the at the helm of a service driven company, reducing your fees can equate to reduction in credibility, perceived value and service. 

Don’t treat your business like a $2 Maccas deal appealing to everyone (especially the ones just looking for bargains) they aren’t your ideal customers and reducing your fees works against you. For example, if someone was considering working with you and you reduce your fees their thoughts can go something like this: 

“Why’s it so cheap?”

“What’s wrong with it?” 

“Whats the catch?” 

“She can’t sell it so she’s dropped the price. It mustn’t be any good.”

As a service provider, your brand reputation will be the one to take the hit and your ideal customers to go elsewhere. 

This myth is also relevant to offering Early Bird prices. It’s something I learned the hard way.

To launch a new edition of Woman Rising magazine I would release it at an Early Bird rate of $10 for a limited time, but at the end of the day I discovered my ideal readers were happy to pay the full $12 for the magazine because the product was worth it. Selling it for $10 only reduced my profit margins. I didn’t sell anymore magazines. Trust me – I did the numbers!

Instead of redoing your fees to try and increase your bookings, look at other ways to offer value such as create a limited offer where your customers might get a bonus gift such as an exclusive bonus, opt-in or sample not available anywhere else. Whatever it is, it needs to be valuable to THEM and at no COST to you! 

Discounting your prices to increase your sales is not a healthy long term marketing strategy for your business or your client relationships, so consider another way to add value that doesn’t impact your cash flow. 

3 – My Dream Clients Will Find Me Because They Don’t Like Being Sold To

Oh heavens! 

Now I’ve heard it all!!

This one isn’t a myth per se, but more of a personal mind block of yours that you are reflecting on to your ideal clients. 

I strongly believe that this mindset is not only sabotaging your business but is disempowering your ability to connect with your dream clients and genuinely make an impact because you’re not able to communicate what you do with passion and purpose. 

Marketing here really is not the enemy. 

Your clients dislike for marketing (which I doubt) is not the enemy. 

What’s happening here is your understanding of how marketing can work FOR you to create connection, build a relationship and establish yourself as a leader in your field. 

When you market with intention people become interested!

When you look upon your marketing efforts as a tactic to get your business noticed, marketing will shift from being all about ‘selling’ to being an act of service. 

You need to get noticed. 

You need to be heard. 

You need to be seen. 

You need to explain to your ideal customers WHY you’re the one they need in their life – not someone else. 

You need to show your dream clients that you fully understand them and are the missing link from where they are now to where they want to be. 

You are here to create an impact in their life and show them what is possible. 

You are making their life better and marketing is simply the method you’re using to reach them so they can find you, hear about you and want to learn more from you. 

When you connect with your dream clients as an equal and show up with the intention of being os service, then they won’t feel sold to. 

If you’re not one for selling and hate the idea of marketing ask yourself, what energy am I bringing to my marketing? Is it desperation and pushy or is it leading with love? 

If you’re interested in having a professional cast their overs your marketing to see how it could be improved to attract your dream clients, I’m taking bookings now for new Mindful Marketing Audits. Gain personalised feedback on your brand, online presence and marketing efforts with my exclusive review and recommendations.

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