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3 Marketing Tactics That Will Stand The Test Of Time

When you’re on a mission to grow your business and make an impact, the amount of information available online for marketing your business can be confusing, paralysing and plain exhausting.

How will you know if those tools and tips you read online will even work for your business? 

I don’t know your business, your goals or what you’ve already tried, but I do know there are 3 essential marketing tactics every company I’ve ever worked for has used over and over again because they have shown to stand the test of time. 

Here they are in no particular order: 

1. A Customer Retention Strategy

If you are spending a boat load of time hustling for new customers, you could be missing out on money already on the table. In other words, it’s actually more cost effective and beneficial to set up customer retention strategies that see former or current clients returning. This marketing tactic is one of the most influential for both big and small companies because you have proven your abilities, developed relationships and shown that you get results. 

So instead of always looking for new clients, think about ways you can package up your services to work with your clients again. Perhaps it’s time to develop a VIP program or an Advanced offer for those who love working with you to maintain their connection. 

2. Give Value For Free 

In 1946, the beauty brand Estee Lauder introduced the concept of offering customers a ‘free gift with purchase’. The bold marketing move worked as Sak’s Fifth Avenue sold out of Estee Lauder products in two days and this tactic went on to become one of the most used strategies around the world. 

In today’s digital landscape, the modern method is to offer a free opt-in (i.e. Lead Magnet) in return for an email address, however the intention is exactly the same. 

Offer your customers something they will find valuable for free in exchange for their email address to gain permission to communicate with them about your products and services. My rule of thumb is offering prospects a taste-test that equates to approximately 20% of your signature program or package. That way they genuinely feel like they are getting something for nothing and you’re not out of pocket or giving away all your best advice free.

3. Share Heart-Driven Stories

Whenever I’ve been assigned to create a PR campaign for a business that doesn’t have any newsworthy events or activities to pitch to media, creating a story to tell is always the default tactic up my sleeve to secure media coverage and sell their goods. 

Story telling is honestly one of the most powerful and transformative communication and engagement strategies you can have in your marketing toolkit. Why? It creates connections, gives your audience something to believe in and establishes a solid foundation for your brand to stand. What kind of stories should you share? Answer these three questions over and over again:

1. Why did you start your business and what’s the legacy you wish to leave behind?

2. What was the catalyst moment that impacted you to start your business?

3. What do you really do… What is the transformation you provide? 

If you’re ready to create a modern marketing plan to move your business forward, download my free 4-Part Marketing Roadmap and learn the easy and effective step-by-step process I use to turn prospects in to paying clients over and over again. 

Want more customised tactics? Work with me to take your business to the next level with soul and strategy. Book your free 30 min consult here.

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