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The fastest way to kill your content (and not in a good way).


If you are consistently creating content for your blog, email list and social media posts it can be really exhausting coming up with new ideas every single day. 

How can you say the same thing in new ways?

How do you attract people to your stuff without giving away all your secrets for free?

How do you mix the personal with the professional but still show up relevant, relatable and resonate with your audience when you have nothing left to say?

The pressure you can put yourself under to create valuable and authentic content that leads to sales is HUGE! I understand. 

I have private clients that avoid creating content all together so they can’t get it wrong! 

But this tactic doesn’t work if you want to build relationships with your tribe and build your business. 

Trust me, after working in Marketing & PR for close to 20 years I’ve had to create my fair share of content on everything from Milk to the Maldives (true story) and I know the struggle is REAL! 

#ContentOverload can be a problem for business owners. 

I also know it doesn’t have to be that way when you flip your mindset from being all about ME to all about being MINDFUL. 

What do I mean? 

The fastest way to kill your creativity (not in a good way) and feel completely burned out by the hustle of content creation is to make it all about YOU (i.e. ‘ME’)  

What can I write to get more likes?

What should I share that makes me look good?

What will others think about me if I do that?

When you make yourself the focus of your content, you are setting the wrong intention for your creativity. 

Of course you wont create your best stuff if you think, ‘what can I get from this?’, because your business isn’t about you. 

You started your business to support, guide and help others therefore they need to be at the very centre of all your content creation – whether that’s your free blog content, a paid program or your savvy social media accounts. 

How can you be of genuine service and help them? What do they need to know write now that could help them? What struggles are they going through? What are they loving that you can focus on and celebrate? What motivation and inspiration can you provide? 

Remember, if you want to kill your content creation, then keep it about you. 

But if you want to create connection and killer content that serves your audience, then make it about them and add value to their life, business, world.  

That’s the real secret.

Tell me in the comments below, what content ideas has this sparked for you when you don’t make it all about you?

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