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9 Content Pillars To Grow Your Business

Content. Content. Content.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, there is always a need for more content to cut through the noise, boost your visibility and create connection with your audience.

Content creation is vital to grow your business…but I know you know that!

The real question is WHAT do you talk about and HOW do you sprinkle all the things you want to say, share and show-up with across your channels in an authentic and strategic way?

To help you make content creation easier, here are the 9 Content Pillars I swear by.

Whether you like to batch create all your content in one day, write your words on the fly, or need a hit of inspiration for your next conversation starter, these 9 categories won’t let you down

TIP: Save this blog post and come back to it again to get unstuck!

The 9 Content Pillars To Grow Your Business Are:

  1. A Personal or Professional story: What experience did you have that taught you an invaluable lesson that you can teach others? Why was it such an important event / outcome? Help your audience avoid the same mistakes.
  2. A Belief, Value or Principle: What are you unapologetic about? What drives you and what do you live by? Share the beliefs and values behind your business. Get people thinking or reconfirm why they follow you.
  3. An Insight To Your Personal Life: Lift the lead on who you are, where you work, what a day looks like for you or (if comfortable to do so) introduce your family. Your truth and reality can inspire others or create real connection because you’re not ‘perfect’.
  4. Share Value: Share your knowledge on something your audience wants to learn more about. It’s safe to share your knowledge and wisdom.
  5. Teach How-To: What is a step-by-step process you can teach that your audience can take away and implement today? Teach them your fail-proof How To methods.
  6. Media + PR: Show your credibility and authority in a space by sharing your Podcast interviews, guest articles or media hits. If you’re not securing media, it’s a great time to start! Put yourself out there.
  7. Your Results: Share a client win or outcome (with their permission) to highlight the incredible results you achieve.
  8. Testimonials: Same as the above, but in their own words which is so much more powerful!
  9. Answer A Question: Do you get asked the same question over and over again? Answer the question or debunk common myths around your industry.
  10. BONUS – Call To Action: Invite your audience to book an appointment with you, download your LeadMagnet or join your free online community. Don’t assume they will take action off their own back. Point them in the right direction and help drive conversion.

Mix it up. These ideas aren’t rigid and they don’t all have to be written content either. Create an IGTV, go live on Facebook or create a graphic meme. Whatever suits your audience, your brand and your mojo… There are no hard and fast rules but diversity helps keep it interesting.

Tell me, which content pillar will you introduce to your bag of tricks?

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