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5 Marketing Mistakes Everyone Makes At Some Stage

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing… All we hear about these days as an entrepreneur is MARKETING!

Yes, of course you understand the importance of marketing your business to make money, but when you sit down to write a powerful social media post, all you hear is the sound of the TV in the next room or see the laundry that needs folding.

In other words, you avoid marketing like the plague. Blame being too tired. Too busy or more honestly, ‘I don’t know how’ so you give up and figure you’ll try again another day when you have more brain space.

Should it really be that hard?!

If you’re ready to declare, enough is enough, and tackle your marketing once and for all, check out my list of 5 marketing mistakes EVERYONE makes at some stage on their business journey.

That’s right. No-one is perfect. No-one knows exactly what to do from the get-go and we need to be aware of some of these little traps so we can get business back on the right track.

Now, let’s turn your marketing around from woe to wonderful!


If you’re business is aimed at ‘helping everyone’ then I’m here to tell you, it will help no-one. #sorrynotsorry

Does Apple sell to everyone?
Does MacDonalds sell to everyone?

No! While they are two powerful and well-known brands, they DO NOT appeal to everyone. They have a clearly defined target market and they know their customer brand parameters so intimately that they talk directly to them.

In other words, not everyone is the same.

We don’t all like the same things, value the same things or even want the same things. The most effective marketing occurs when it creates CONNECTION with it’s audience.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Even if I only make a difference to one person’s life, that’s all that matters.” You should be thinking the same way about your marketing.

You need to talk, write, blog and communicate as if you’re talking to one woman, man, child or dog and that person NEEDS your service because they believe in you and resonate with your message.

If you focus on helping everyone, then your words lose power, your marketing because erratic and your message is too vague and wishy washy because you’re trying to please everyone. That my friends a recipe for disaster!

So, the best way around this common mistake is to FOCUS on who you REALLY want to help and niche way down.


Some women are pros at this one and they don’t even know it!

Let me know if these sound familiar:
– You change your Facebook cover image three times with different colours, fonts or links to your website to try and attract more people to click through to your offer.
– You re-write your website’s About Page every week trying to figure out the best way to describe what it is you really do but never feel like what you write is good enough.
– You create a new offer but don’t promote it and only share it once on Facebook and wonder why no-one signed-up for it.
– You post pictures of you and your family on social media, talk about your products and how much they mean to you but no-one likes or comments on it.

Here’s the thing about marketing, it’s so easy to hide behind it and say ‘I’m doing everything I can’ but when you take a deeper look at how you’re spending your time, these minor tasks are actually meaningless to everyone BUT you.

– No-one will notice your updated Facebook cover image
– No-one will read you’re entire life story on your website’s About Page (or care)
– People often miss one post on Facebook because they aren’t on it that day, they don’t read it and scroll past or they don’t need what you’re offering at that moment.
– Why your product or service means to you is irrelevant. How much effort, time, energy and money you put in to your work is irrelevant. Yes it might be great social media fodder, but it will not SELL your services at the end of the day.
– Your customer will only buy from you or want to work with you when they know how you can change their life. What is in it for them?


Women love avoiding anything to do with money! They don’t like talking about it. They don’t like accepting it when it’s freely offered. They don’t like thinking someone else has to pay for their stuff because ‘I’m just doing it out of the kindness of my heart.’

Women who love helping others tend to believe that if someone really needs their help then they will ask for it. If we promote ourselves then we are being a ‘show off’ or ‘full of ourselves’.

At what point do we forget that crap and stand tall behind ourselves and declare, “I’m really good. I’ve got your back and can genuinely help.”

As little girls we are always told to be nice, quiet or accommodating. We’re not taught to me assertive, confident and empowered because that comes across as too threatening and bitchy.

How does this impact your marketing? Because you’re scared to ask for the sale and directly come out and say, “I’ve got this. It costs $x and you need it.”

Marketing is the conduit between a need or desire and a service or product that can fulfil it. That’s it.

You’ve got something they need.
You’ve got a solution to their problem.
You can improve their life and genuinely help them.

In this day and age, you can’t assume anyone will know what you offer. The difference is you’re selling a service you genuinely know can make their life better. Isn’t it a disservice NOT to tell them about it?


If you are a Coach or Consultant, working in professional services, cutting your prices to secure clients never ends well.

Similar to MM#2, reducing your hourly rate or constantly offering a sale impacts your brand more than how much your business brings in.

It impacts your credibility, it reduces your position in the market and it deflates all the powerful, positive energy you’ve worked so hard to infuse in to your business.

Plus once you drop a price to make others happy or secure the sale, your new client will expect to pay that price again and again.

Think of it this way, if you knew someone did the same job for half the fee, would you still be happy paying full price? Absolutely not!

Don’t set yourself up for this downfall because word of mouth travels faster than the speed of a freebie-chaser and your brand will suffer. Big time!

The right client will be happy to be pay your fee because they understand the VALUE you bring them.


Without a doubt, MM#5 is definitely the one I work with my clients on the most.

When I ask a client what they believe is sabotaging their marketing, their first response is usually, “I really don’t like talking about myself.” Or similarly, “I don’t like my photo” or “I don’t like my voice on video.”

When you avoid visibility you’re telling the Universe, ‘I don’t really believe I’m good enough to show up.”

Maybe you were laughed at as a child.

Maybe you were once told, you’d never achieve anything.

Or perhaps, you’ve tried your hand in business before and it failed so you believe you will never succeed at all.

Whatever the underlying belief is, this is a story you’re holding on to to protect you from achieving great things!

It’s a tall tale stuck on repeat in your head that keeps you playing small and safe, that has you left wishing, hoping and dreaming that someone somewhere will notice you so your business can survive.
When you deny your dreams and hide behind your laptop to avoid the haters, you are committing yourself and your business to a painful slow death. Harsh but true.

If you buy in to their negativity and create a business from a place of disempowerment then no-one will believe in you and your business will be stuck in the same patterns for years.

You need to believe in yourself first and show everyone WHY you can make great things happen. Only then when they see your results and your reasons for thriving will they believe in you too. Do you think Oprah waited until she was a billionaire before she believed in her self. HELL NO!

Your mindset matters.
Your ability to show up and stay true to yourself and your reason for helping others matters. Your business matters.
Your message matters.
Your story matters.

Above all else, YOU matter. Just the way you are and we need you.

I’m not saying you have to be on the front cover of every magazine to make a difference, but you do need to get out of your own way and show up for your audience so they can find you first and foremost, connect with you and communicate with you. That’s visibility.

As I like to say, your business isn’t about you!

It’s about the incredible life changing magic you bring to your clients. You’re simply the delivering the tools and support they need.

Now it’s your turn…

Tell me in the comments below, which Marketing Mistake from the 5 above do you believe you are guilty of?

If you are ready to make marketing easy, schedule a free 30min Discovery Call at a time suitable to you and tell me what you find most frustrating and challenging about marketing your business, and what you’d like to achieve.

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