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How To Kickstart Your Email List


If the Netflix documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’ has taught us anything, it’s that we do not own or control our social media pages. All the effort you put in to getting followers could falter at one flick of a switch.

Growing your business comes down to the relationships you build, and one of the best ways to do that, outside personal connections and networking, is your email list.

When I launched Woman Rising magazine in 2017, growing my email list was essential to build a community of supportive readers.

Having this list allowed me to pre-sell issues before they were printed (which helped with costs), build a buzz around each edition and call for contributions from readers to share their stories.

Unlike social media, once you receive a person’s email address you have permission to contact them. This simple and free exchange is the first step in moving your followers from social media to a potential client or customer.

It doesn’t matter what you provide to entice people to offer their email address, it’s the VALUE they will find in it. My rule of thumb is to provide something approx 20% of your bigger signature offering.

This allows people to experience a taste-test of what you can do for them and be excited to want more.

If your email list has been laying dormant and needs a little and TLC, here’s 3 ways I’ve grown my email list as an Editor and as a Marketing Coach, and could help you kickstart your list too.

1. Instant Downloadable

This type of Lead Magnet (or Opt-In) is the most common you will find in the market place because it’s so easy and simple to create yourself for free via Canva or similar online publishing software. Your Downloadable could be a Checklist, PDF Template or perhaps a Workbook you know your potential clients would find valuable. When I launched Woman Rising, I provided a free 8 page sample of the magazine to showcase what was inside the paid product.

2. Live Workshop / Webinar

Hosting an in-person workshop or webinar is a great way to create connection with your audience while also teaching them something valuable. You don’t need to sell it, just package together 2 or 3 things that are commonly asked of you, or you know are their biggest challenges, and go from there. Make sure people have to provide their email address to get access to the class and promote your free class like your life depends on it!!

3. Create A Challenge

Challenges are growing in popularity because the intention is for participants to get in to the habit of taking charge and creating change. Challenges are great for showing your audience what is possible and highlighting how you can support them. I have hosted challenges such as, “5 Days To Fire Up Your Business” inside the Mindful Marketing free Faceback group. Not only does the Challenge grow my group, but I offer free live coaching each day for approx 20 mins, and if they want to take real action and dive further they have to register their email address into a simple Leadpages form that provides a downloadable challenge workbook. Accountability & Action – Gotta love that!

Your free opt-in can be whatever you want it to be. You can create one or trial all 3 options over several months and see what resonates with your audience. Just make sure you’re collecting those emails to build your community as these are the people showing interest in your services and will most likely be your next paying client.

Tell me, which Lead Magnet are you going to try or include a link to your opt-in in the comments below.

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