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4 Strategies To Supercharge Your Visibility In 2021

As a Marketing and PR Coach who loves nothing more than helping business owners share their message with the world, the most common question I receive is, “How do I grow my audience?”

Of course, in order to grow an audience with ease, is to boost your profile. Female Entrepreneurs can’t grow their audience without self-promotion.

In other words, how will the audience discover you if you don’t lean in and seek a little attention for yourself, and your business?

If you’re keen to grow your audience this year, here are four strategies to supercharge your brand’s visibility, as well as benefit your social media following, email list subscribers and reputation.

  1. Influencer Partnerships – Working with a social media influencer as an ‘Ambassador’ for your brand can be a significant investment for a small business, but if done well, should be highly rewarding.

Brands with physical products do it well because the Influencer can use the product in an Instagram story, IGTV or Reel.

Writers/Vloggers can review the product on a blog/vlog post and promote the item as their ‘preferred’ brand in that specific category.

Some examples of successful Influencer Partnerships I’m loving include Nikki Parkinson of Styling You’s partnership with Frankie4 Footwear; Bec Judd’s partnership with Prene Bags (or anything else for that matter); and Not So Mumsy and Infamous Swim to name only a few.

The difference between this and a traditional collaboration is securing a partnership with a specific ‘Influencer’, as opposed to two brands working together to cross promote each other.

If you’re keen to pursue this as an option for your business, research which influencers in your business category could be a worthwhile partnership and what they currently promote. Is your product different enough that it wont clash with something they already market? Will it suit their audience? Can you imagine it finding its place in their Instagram pictures with ease? Check out their website and discover if they are open to receiving requests for new partnerships or perhaps develop new activities with an ‘up and coming’ influencer that still have a solid audience but are open to new opportunities.

2. Giveaway / Competition – Creating a shared Giveaway or Competition with several other businesses, is a great way to get in front of new audiences for a fraction of the cost you could pay an Influencer.

The most popular type of giveaways we seen online for small businesses is when 5 or 6 aligned brands come together to provide one of their signature products in one prize package for their audiences to win.

Each business shares the competition on their social media page, and the entry mechanic is usually a simple request to follow each brand and tag a friend in the comments who ‘might be interested’.

This activity works to boost your followers and be discovered among new audiences, however you should be mindful of the potential issue that you’re not growing your audience with authentic followers. Only those keen for a freebie. In a few months time after the novelty wears off, your follower count could drop again or you’ll be left with a large community but no engagement. It definitely can’t hurt trying though, so why not think of a business that would align well with yours, consider what you could offer your audiences, then reach out?

3. Guest Contribute / Podcast Interviews – In 2020 there were more than 500,000 active podcasts in more than 100 languages available around the world. Podcasts are not only extremely popular, but an excellent (and free!) opportunity for you to share your wisdom with an interview on your zone of genius.

If you prefer writing articles, the digital world is making it much easier for female entrepreneurs like us to be featured in big name publications, because of the need for regular and reliable content.

The one thing both media platforms have in common is the need to tell stories and inspire their audiences. That’s where you come in.

Consider what you could teach, share and show their audience and why you’d be a great asset to their podcast or website. From there, you can submit your story/interview idea for consideration. It’s completely free media coverage for you and a powerful way to build your brand reputation.

4. Traditional PR – I refer to any media coverage on TV, Newspapers or Radio as ‘traditional’ PR because these media outlets are The O.G. (the original) platforms when it comes to content, news and sharing stories.

Whether you’re a small business just starting out, or a well established brand, traditional PR is available to everyone, plus it’s a great marketing tactic that is both powerful and profitable for your business if done correctly.

PR isn’t kept for a ‘special few’ and you don’t need to be a particularly good writer or ‘expert’ to gain positive press coverage. It’s one of the most effective ways to supercharge your profile and shift from being unknown to unstoppable.

To learn more, download my free guide to discover how to secure free and powerful publicity here. In it you will learn my 5 step formula to DIY your own PR to raise your profile.

Tell me, which activity will you pursue as part of your marketing plan this year or what has worked for you in the past?

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