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8 Ways To Maximise 1 Media Story

You’ve done the hard yards and secured a positive article in the media. Great work! Alas, now isn’t the time to sit back and wait for more business to roll in.

Make your positive media coverage work for you above and beyond its initial run to strengthen your brand’s reputation and position yourself as an authority in the industry.

Here are 8 tips to help maximise that one PR hit to increase your ROI:

1) Share – Spread the love and share the original link on each social media platform your brand uses. This activity will help to increase your credibility and encourage your loyal followers to share it too, thus expanding your reach. Just watch your engagement skyrocket too as everyone comments with ‘Congratulations on a great article.’ Win-Win.

2) Email Signatures – Create a direct link to the article in your Email Signature to attract more attention and strengthen your brand’s reputation with potential and current customers. But word to the wise, remember to remove it after a month or so, otherwise it will look old and stale.

3) Press Page – Add the media’s logo to your ‘As Featured On’ section of your site and/or press page. If you don’t have one, start it!

4) Tag – Tag the media company and the journalist in each social share. This shows appreciation for the article, but also works to strengthen your relationship with them too. Media need your support to cut through the noise just as much as you do.

5) Repurpose – Gain permission from the journalist to share the article as a blog post on your website. Make sure this is done after they run your story – not before! Create a new blog post highlighting the news article (include direct links and acknowledge the media) with your own introduction to the article or special Thank You message to the media for running it. Now your awesome story exists in two places online, empowering the SEO and your digital footprint. Plus, if anything was to happen to the original article, you’ve got a copy online too.

6) Advertise – If budget allows, put an ad spend behind the article to target potential customers and boost its reach and amplify your message.

7) Use – The beauty of gaining media coverage is you can use it to secure extra media coverage by referring to it in future pitches. E.g. “I spoke about this topic in more detail in my article with X magazine and the reaction was exceptional.” The power of featuring in media can add weight to your professional bio and strengthen your authority as a speaker, guest contributor and/or talent for other media outlets.

8) Display – If you have a bricks and mortar shop front or office space, display your article front and centre to promote it again. While online media coverage and social media sharing works for some, research shows people will take notice of something in hard copy 3x more than digital activity. While print may not attract as many hands and eye balls as much as it use it, it still holds significant weight.

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