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3 Essential Ingredients Your Story Needs To Be A Success

The perfect recipe to get the media saying Yes to your pitch.

When you’re dedicated to securing publicity to grow your business and strengthen your brand, coming up with story ideas to offer the media can be really hard.

Getting out of your own head and creating compelling stories that will connect with audiences can be overwhelming, but there are few key ingredients to storytelling that, once you know them and how to weave their magic in to your story, can help you to easily side step the ‘not-good-enoughs’ and come up with a wonderful idea that gets media saying ‘Yes’ to your pitch.

The 3 essential ingredients to set your story up for success are:

1. VALUE: Media are looking for stories that can provide value to their audience. They want content that is both compelling and results-driven. In other words, a story that can showcase how the reader’s life could benefit as a result of taking your advice.

2. RELEVANT: Is your story relevant to what’s happening in your community or the world at large right now? For example, if you’re pitching a story about female empowerment or ‘How to create your best life’, there’s no point trying to pitch that story in April when March held International Women’s Day. Media would’ve already done a lot of those types of stories and you may have missed the boat. While female empowerment can be a topic you pitch at any time, I’d recommend finding drilling down deeper to create a really specific story that makes it more relevant to the here and now. That makes is relevant and more newsworthy for media and their audience.

3. EMOTIONAL: What is the heart and soul to your story? What happened to you or your clients that moved them beyond their circumstances to change their life? How did you / they feel as a result? Without emotion, stories become bland and boring. Yes, there is always a time and place for facts and figures, but the most powerful way to connect with an audience and move them towards taking action (or signing up to your newsletter or buying your products) is when feel something! People want inspiration, not more information.

So next time you’re looking to pitch a guest article, or approach an influential podcast to share your story to build your brand, remember these 3 essential ingredients to set your story up for success.

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