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Hey There!

I’m Sian. A writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business coach and Mum of three gorgeous boys. 

I work with female small business owners to help them move from here to there with less stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

Thank you for checking out my corner of the web.

I’m an introvert at heart, but I love nothing more than connecting and talking with women and working out ways to move them closer to achieving their small business dreams over a great cup of coffee or wine…let’s be honest. 

Before I turned my attention to one-on-one coaching, I was the Editor and Founder of Woman Rising magazine. A print and digital publication I produced to inspire women in business. After 18 months and five issues, the Universe had other plans and my family home was swept away in a monster flood that ravaged Townsville in February 2019. 

I look back now and realise this was definitely a wake up call for me, both personally and professionally. 

I was working insane hours to write, edit, publish and market my labour of love, while also working three days a week as a Marketing Manager, and still be a Mum and Partner for my family. 

When the rain came down and washed away our household possessions, the floodwater took with it my need and desire to do EVERYTHING I thought I was suppose to do. 

I was completely exhausted from working, building a business, being Mum and still trying to be a good friend, daughter, sister and everything else that goes with…well, life!

The voice in my head was screaming, “There has to be a better way.” 

And there was. 

Despite my love for writing, communicating and producing a well-selling magazine for business women, I had to let go of the idea that I was going to be the next Arianna Huffington and give myself permission to genuinely connect with female entrepreneurs one-on-one. 

I had to take my own advice. Fully lean in and let go of the negative talk in my head that told me, “Who are you to be a business coach?”

After 6 months of focusing on my family and standard 9 to 5, I was desperate to dive back in to the small business world and reconnect with the incredible community I had developed as the Editor of Woman Rising, but this time dial-up my support and reposition myself as a Business Coach. 

Now the reason why I’m giving you this back story, is because I believe you don’t have to be stuck doing things you once thought was your path. Right here and now I’m telling you, you’re allowed to stop Pushing S*#t Up Hill! 

And you certainly don’t have to seek permission to change your mind, leave the corporate world, and build a business that is more aligned with who you really are! 

At the end of the day, only YOU can be the one to either live life with reasons or results. 

I, for one, want results. I don’t care if they are good, bad, or indifferent. I just want to know that I tried and I gave it all a red hot go, in alignment with me, my values and my family’s dreams. 

Are you ready to grant yourself permission to build a business worthy your full potential? 

Whether you are in the start-up phase or have been in business for years and are seeking advice on what’s next, together we can work out a plan to get you moving forward with a specific business plan and strategy that works for YOU and only you, and build genuine buzz for your biz in the process. 

Check out my range of personalised business and marketing coaching packages here.

Of course, you can connect with me on Instagram @SianYewdall for all the behind the scenes juice or sign up to receive free business tips, motivation and bonus marketing mojo every Monday.   

Sian xx


Professional Bio

Sian Yewdall is an award-winning business coach and marketing specialist for female entrepreneurs. She helps women grow their business on their own terms with practical business plans and modern marketing methods that empower them to reach their full potential. 

As a Communications & Marketing specialist with 15 years experience in the sector, Sian has established vital awareness campaigns that set the national agenda; cultivated profitable sponsorship deals; managed public relations strategies for international businesses and cultivated award-winning events that raised funds for not-for-profit organisations. As the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Woman Rising, Sian published a popular print & digital magazine to inspire and support women in business before closing it down as a result of her family home being devastated by the monster monsoon of 2019.

Her proudest achievement to date is her team of merry men Elliot, Hugh and George and partner Jonathan. When Sian isn’t working she loves writing, reading, singing loudly in her car, going to the beach and escaping on weekends away with friends.

Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram @SianYewdall