Business Consult

A one-off comprehensive consult to answer all of your questions and get you back on track with confidence.

There are so many elements that create a successful business, but all you really want is professional advice and helpful recommendations to learn what could be done better right now, instead of wasting more time, energy and money. 

If you have no idea where to start. Hate the thought of marketing yourself and get confused by everything you need to do, schedule a one-off appointment with me today.

Together we can work out your priorities and get you back on the right path for powerful and profitable results. 


Our time together is bespoke to YOUR business needs to ensure you gain maximum return on your investment and practical tips and tools to implement as soon as our session is over! 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than someone inspiring you to create change, then walking away WITHOUT the tools to take action. Um…not on my watch! 

This Consult is ideal for you if you are looking for:

  • fast and actionable advice to implement straight away
  • someone to talk to who understands you’re being pulled in a million different directions
  • time with another small business owner who knows the online world and what is possible 
  • professional advice without the BS so you don’t waste any more time, energy or money on the wrong thing.

Your Investment:

$147 total AUD for 60 minutes (online or on the phone)


*All appointments must be paid for prior to booking confirmation. Prices are in AUD. No refunds. Please read the T&Cs here.