Hire me when you need someone to deliver results stat!

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As your Virtual Marketing Manager I will bring with me more than 17 years experience in the marketing and communications industry and five years as a small business owner. 

When you hire me to get the edge over your competitors, I will take the pressure off you having to do it all. 

Together, let’s turn your little ideas into a big buzz for your brand, and more importantly, growth and profits for your business.

It’s time to outsource your weaknesses and delegate those frustrating tasks to someone who can provide genuine guidance and practical support.

I can help you with:

  1. Short and Long term marketing plans  
  2. Social media post creation, scheduling + image curation 
  3. Brand analysis and development
  4. Blogging or podcast script writing 
  5. General copywriting
  6. Website reviews + updates 
  7. Customer sales funnels and lead generation 
  8. Press releases and media relations 
  9. Systems and productivity
  10. Project ideas, creation and implementation

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