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Turn your gorgeous idea in to a thriving heart-driven business with customised marketing & mindset support.

Have you started a business and need help getting it off the ground?

Got a website (or building one), secured your social media pages but don’t know how to start promoting yourself or finding clients?

Terrified of showing up online, saying the wrong thing, being judged for your new direction and career path, and generally hiding because of what you think others are saying behind your back?

Despite all the fears, you know deep down your new business is not just a ‘hobby’ and you are being called to do more, be more, have more and achieve more, but you’re seeking the support, guidance and advice to make magic happen? 

If you’re thinking, ‘OMG Yes!’ then I know it’s time for you to Kickstart Smart, get your business off the ground and make the impact I know you are capable of! 

Imagine if you could:

  • Attract dream clients that not only LOVE what you do, but NEED what you do
  • Develop and execute a heart-driven strategy that worked for you behind the scenes and took all the pressure of you to hustle, day after day after day. 
  • Show up as your beautiful authentic self online every single day and weren’t afraid of selling your services, visibility, marketing or self-promotion 
  • Started charging clients for the TRANSFORMATION you provide them instead of what you think they can afford
  • Made money from doing what you love and could let go of all those stories that you’re not good enough or worthy to have a thriving abundant business on your own terms

Kickstart Smart is a transformative marketing and mindset coaching program, I’ve purposefully designed for women starting and growing their very first business to feel empowered, safe and supported on their new path of abundance and freedom.

If you are a heart-driven female entrepreneur looking to establish herself as a Coach, Healer, Practitioner, Consultant or Creative seeking guidance, support, strategy and soulful sales tactics that are engaging and effortless, then I’ve got your back. 

This program is NOT a one size fits all, because as your Biz Bestie, I work best when I can help you right where you are now one-on-one.  So, over three months together we will develop your marketing, brand and content strategy from a place you can manage with confidence and in alignment with your personal capabilities to get you moving forward, on the right foot and with confidence from the get-go.

What we’ll work on: 

  • Success Mindset – Identify what’s holding you back and how to open yourself up to be the woman you know you are inside. 
  • Business Mission – You can’t build a business if you don’t know what you want to achieve, so we will identify your Vision, Mission & Values to set a solid foundation for your empire to thrive!
  • Content & Marketing Strategy – It’s time to show up and shine Beautiful! Let’s work on your business marketing strategy to grow your audience, create connection, build your authority and make an impact from the very beginning. 
  • Customer Journey – We’ll create a seamless sales method that supports your energy and also helps to convert your followers to customers and build a strategy for lead generation with heart and soul. 
  • Structures & Systems – Finally we will create and execute new on-boarding systems and marketing funnels in the back end of your business so you can focus your time and energy on doing what you love and avoid burnout!

Who is Kickstart Smart for? 

  • If you are establishing your new business as a Coach, Healer, Practitioner or Consultant and don’t know where to start (brand new to under 12 months in operation)
  • Avoid social media, self-promotion and or asking for the sale 
  • Confused how to promote your new business and how to communicate what it is your do and the impact you can have
  • Hide behind your laptop and hope for people to find your website  
  • Are stuck in a rut of endless tasks but are frustrated because you’re not growing, making money or building a supportive community

I’ve got your back! 

How does Kickstart Smart work? 

  • After our initial free 30min Discovery Call and you decide to work with me, I will email you a pre-coaching questionnaire to identify your goals, and understand where you are in business right now, what is working and what isn’t so we can grow from there
  • We’ll schedule your series of 6 x 60 minute private coaching calls with me online via Zoom (over 12 weeks)
  • I’ll sign up as your Accountability Buddy to keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goals
  • Unlimited email support from me for any questions or additional support as needed
  • Unlimited proofing of your work including new sales pages, social posts, sales funnels or content all reviewed by me as needed
  • A Google Doc with notes from our appointments plus links to templates and checklists as needed
  • Plus you’ll get access to a community of supportive women as a Member of the Mindful Marketing Facebook Group


6 x fortnightly payments of $300 (or one payment of $1700 upfront and save)

Get started now and schedule your free 30min Discovery Call to find out if this is right for you.