Marketing & Media Coaching

For women ready to up-level their business, expand their visibility and claim their success.

Hey You! 

I see you: Wishing. Hoping. Praying. Dreaming. Working hard to make things happen, but also stopping yourself from truly allowing yourself to go ALL in because of what ‘they’ might say. 

You know in your heart of hearts you want to expand, but you hold back in case you get it wrong, invest too much money you can’t get back or someone somewhere says ‘no’. 

You’ve created a great business that resonates with people. Your community is loyal but you know it could be bigger. Stronger. More financially viable. 

But how do you move from your heard to your heart to truly THRIVE and scale your business without fear of judgement, failing or being seen as a fraud?

As a Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Mum of three and Professional Marketing & Communications Specialist with 15+ years experience, this is what I know is TRUE:

You are UNIQUE. Your business is POWERFUL. You are ENOUGH.

I believe you have been tapped on the shoulder to provide a service to the world. You have everything you already need to genuinely make a difference and build a beautiful business, but you need the personal support and expert knowledge to show you how. 

When we connect and work together 1:1, I can show you how to grow your business with savvy marketing methods, traditional communication tactics and powerful publicity – without you feeling like a fraud or that yucky sleazy feeling that can come from self-promotion. 

What does a 1:1 Marketing & Media Coaching session include?

Our 12 week program is specific to your needs to ensure we expand your business and grow your profits. It is not a cookie-cutter package, however it may include:

  • Strengthening your brand, uncovering your unique position in the market and pin-pointing your exact no-frills message to communicate to market;
  • Finding where your ideal customers hang out and developing a must-follow social media strategy focused on connection not ‘likes’;
  • Crafting must-read media pitches to secure valuable media coverage
  • Building a stress-free shopping list of binge-worthy story ideas you can pitch around to a variety of media to support your business objectives;
  • Generating an attention grabbing PR & Communications campaign that have media take notice of your brand and position you as an expert in your industry;
  • Acquisition and management of brand-to-brand collaborations; influential partnerships and/or  brand ambassadors to skyrocket your business and impact sales;
  • Establish a solid 12 month marketing plan that gives you a precise roadmap to achieve your goals;
  • Learning essential skills, productivity hacks and my must-have tools to achieve your business goals and keep your sanity;
  • Cultivating a success mindset to help you increase your profile, build genuine buzz for your business and make more money from free publicity to achieve your big vision for your business and life.

Why work with me?

Great question! 

  • I have more than 17 years experience working in PR, Communications, Marketing and Sponsorship Management for a range of industries. My work has taken me around the world including Brisbane, Sydney, London and Sunshine Coast. Today, I love working for myself from home in Townsville, NQ (Australia).
  • I have represented hundreds of clients from football teams, to fashion labels and to world-first festivals resulting in millions of $$ in free media coverage, but nothing fires me up to do my best work like supporting female entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.
  • I have developed award-winning PR campaigns and set the national agenda for critical issues. I know what the media react to, what they want and how to present it to them. 
  • I know a strategy from the inside out and can create one with my eyes closed, only now I don’t fall asleep at my desk anymore because your business is unique and so are you! 
  • I am a Marie Forleo B-School Graduate (2013) and certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy Coach (2014). I’m also an avid learner because I believe in equipping myself with the latest methods and tactics to help you every step of the way.
  • I am an entrepreneur and have built a successful business from scratch, while raising three children and rebuilding our lives after being severely devastated by the tropical monsoon of 2019.

What can you expect from our coaching series?

  • After scheduling your first 30 minute FREE Discovery Call you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to give me an inside look in to your business as it stands right now. This will enable me to prepare for our series and maximise our time together from the very first meeting.
  • 6 x 60 minute 1:1 private meetings held via Zoom (available via mobile or desktop) or phone call. These meetings are held fortnightly over 12 weeks to maximise efficiencies and your results.
  • Unlimited email support so we can connect and catch-up between meetings; you can ask any questions you may have and I can review your work, copy or strategies as needed to propel you forward.
  • Unlimited resources, worksheets, checklists and tools I have created to supercharge your results and support your transformation long after our programs has ended.  

How do I roll?

My 1:1 style is a balanced mix of professional consulting, personal cheerleading and strategic coaching to ensure you learn the techniques, tools and systems essential to build a profitable and powerful business. 

I would love to work with you if you’re ready to:

  • take the steps necessary to achieve the results you dream of – think: no more excuses, unleveling your mindset and being unapologetic about your definition of success;
  • are willing to undertake the professional training to upskill their marketing, media and mindset game;
  • connect with an accountability partner; receive a metaphorical whip to keep you on track and bring nothing short of your best to each meeting;
  • work through any blocks and mind games that stop you from owning your special brand of magic and being seen and heard as a leader in your field. 

Sound like you?

Your Investment:

$1,500 or 6 x fortnightly instalments of $267 AUD.

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