Mindful Marketing Method 

Are you ready be known for your work, create a big impact and grow your business without stress, confusion and overwhelm? 

Are you a Coach or Creative who’s ready to grow her business with modern online tactics and leave the DIY approach behind? 

If yes, I’m guessing most of the things you’ve tried, take a lot of time (read: hair pulling!) and don’t increase your bookings. 

You’ve already…

Focused on developing your social media following; 

Spent a bomb building the best website money could buy to strengthen your brand;

Gone all-in for months on end but haven’t converted interest to sales;

And tried to journal, manifest and affirm your success until the cows come home; but

Deep down you know you don’t have a practical strategy and you’re just hoping something will finally click…

Yes, a girl can dream! 

How would I know?

I was exactly the same! 

In 2017 I created and launched a digital and print magazine to support women in business across regional Australia. 

I was really struggling to get it noticed, until a light bulb went off, that reminded me I had to use the same mindful principles I used with my own clients as a Marketing & Communications Manager. 

I needed to shift from selling with a scarcity mindset, in to sales with soul, that connected to my customers at their core.

In less than six months, I grew the brand new, small and independent magazine from 50 online readers in to a popular print publication with more than 5000 readers (and even bigger email list). 

This enabled me to secure an incredible range of entrepreneurs for feature articles including Lisa Messenger, Founder & CEO of The Collective as a cover-star! 

And the main system I used that helped me build this supportive start-up community was a simple step-by-step marketing strategy I’ve now established as the… 


While social media is da-bomb to get noticed, it’s only one piece of the business pie! 

To build a sustainable and successful business – that works for you – you need a smart, step-by-step system to bring all your ideas and activity together in one proven and powerful strategy that works.

Are you ready to:

Work with someone who has grown a national business and loyal supportive community;

Learn from a qualified professional with 20 years experience in marketing, communications, PR, sponsorship and events;

Receive personalised advice and one-on-one support to maintain focus and finally make things happen;

Roll up your sleeves, commit to implementing new systems and doing the work required to achieve results; and

Invest in yourself and your business today for the life you dream of tomorrow?

If this is you, I’d love to work with you one-on-one with the…

Mindful Marketing Method

My signature 12 week coaching program is for Coaches and Creatives who are ready to master their online marketing, do more of what they love and build a business bursting at the seams with their values and professional mission to create an impact.

The Mindful Marketing Method is taught as 6 x 60 minute fortnightly private meetings. 

Pre-Coaching Work 

After you sign-up you will prepare for our first session together with access to a pre-coaching workbook. In it you will;

  • Identify what your business vision looks like and dream outcome
  • Answer questions to unlock your definition of success 
  • Identify the mind games currently holding you back and learn practical solutions to work through them during the program

Session 1: Mindful Audit

  • Say Goodbye to your DIY approach to marketing as we undertake a comprehensive audit of your current activities and a solid understanding of your current position
  • Outline your short and long term goals so we are both clear on what you want to achieve 
  • Identify which product, service or offer you want to sell / launch to develop your marketing strategy (yes, this system works over and over again for each offer)

Session 2: Mindful Promotion

  • Identify where your ideal customers hang out and what they will react to
  • Master the art of leading your prospects to your offer
  • Get comfortable with promotion and your customer’s emotional tug-o-war decision making process

Session 3: Mindful Magnets 

  • Let’s create your free yet valuable Lead Magnet that draws-in your ideal client
  • Implement a nurturing email sequence that builds genuine relationships
  • Optimise your website and social media channels to support all the incredible work you’re doing to support those budding relationships 

Session 4: Mindful Content & Engagement 

  • Learn my must-have 10 content communication pillars so you’re never stuck for what to talk about again 
  • Learn how to repurpose your content so it’s ALWAYS working for you 
  • Manage your workload and implement systems that will streamline this process for you  so you’re building your audience and client database while you sleep

Session 5: Mindful Conversion & Connection 

  • Building relationships with your prospects that are authentic and attentive
  • How to sell with confidence and authenticity (no used-car-salesmen vibes here!)
  • Genuine sales sequences to shift your prospects from interested to invested

Session 6: Mindful Selling 

  • How to ask for money, close the sale and increase profits without feeling like a fraud or a fake
  • The power and purpose of following up any prospects that didn’t convert
  • Finish with a detailed 90-day marketing plan to bring all these learnings together in one practical strategy for implementation and repurposed each time you release a new offer


  • Unlimited email access to me for 12 weeks 
  • Bonus workbooks, checklists and templates to help you during the process 
  • A free 30 minute consult up to one month after our last session to answer final questions. 

Why is being mindful so important to marketing?

When I switched my small business thinking from sell, sell sell to one of intention and service, sales of my magazine skyrocketed! 

I realised that my readers didn’t want another magazine. They wanted to be part of something bigger. They loved WHY I published it, HOW I created it and WHAT its purpose was in the world.

Now more than ever, people are more discerning with their cash. They don’t want to buy something they need, they want to believe in it, know the story behind the creator and how it’s going to improve or change their life. 


The Mindful Marketing Method is a mentoring program that not only teaches you how to implement modern marketing tactics to grow your business, but the permission and support to move your business forward in alignment with your own values and your mission to make a big impact.


$1497 one-off payment or 6 x fortnightly payments of $257


Book before 30 June 2020 and pay only one payment of $497! T&Cs Apply.


For sometime now I’ve known I’ve needed support to help direct my business. I love what I do, but need help letting others know what it is that I can offer.  I met with Sian to discuss and to ask for advice and guidance.  Our session was amazing! Speaking with Sian was insightful, emotional and very helpful.  Sian gave me some practical tools to start the process of becoming solid on who my people are and what I can offer to them. With these tools I am becoming very clear of my direction.  Our catch up also helped improve my confidence in moving forward and owning what it is that I do. I am excited about my business future!

Leisa Parker

Within a ten-minute phone call, I understood how to create a social media plan, I felt like a mountain had suddenly been turned into a speed hump. The ease of our conversation felt supportive and gave me confidence. It was not long after our first meeting, that I had a clear vision of what my action plan was. I had been so caught up on the extensive to do list and could not see what my priorities were. Thank you Sian for clearing my desk and enabling me to see a much clearer picture.

Kylie Michelle

Before working with Sian I had a bunch of ideas and no idea if I could turn it in to something, let alone build a business. Sian gave me a clear roadmap so that every time I had a new launch or sale, I could follow her system and get sales! Thank you so much for helping me every step of the way. 

Mary Richardson