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1-1 Communication & PR Support

DIY Your PR With Me By Your Side

Hey Lovely,

I see you! Achieving incredible results for your clients, growing your audience online but still feeling a universal pull towards playing bigger. 

You know you are good at what you do and you can help others, but your mind games are clouding your ability to move your business forward and make the impact you dream of. 

I’m guessing you love the idea of being profiled in the media and sharing what you know to empower others, but the idea of approaching a journalist is terrifying…Not to mention you never like what you write anyway, so you couldn’t possibly produce a press release!

But you’ve got a new book coming out soon, a powerful online course or life-changing service you desperately want to be known for and the niggling feeling of shining a spotlight on it with publicity will not leave you alone. 

Securing influential media coverage and taking the next step in your business is possible.

I know a thing or two about marketing, public relations and reaching your dream clients as an award-winning Public Relations professional.

With two decades of experience and hundreds of campaigns under my belt, I know YOU are unique, your story needs to be heard, and you can make the impact you dream of.

Are you ready to:

  • Work with someone who has grown a national business and loyal supportive community;
  • Learn from a qualified professional with 20 years experience in marketing, communications, PR, sponsorship and events;
  • Receive personalised advice and one-on-one support to maintain focus and approach media with confidence and secure influential press coverage
  • Roll up your sleeves, commit to implementing new bespoke marketing and PR plans and doing the work required to achieve results; and
  • Invest in yourself and your business today for the life you dream of tomorrow?

If this is you, I’d love to work with you as your Publicity Coach. 

As your dedicated PR & Communications Coach, we will work together over 12 weeks to build and deliver and your comprehensive communications strategy to move you from being unknown to unstoppable!

You will learn how to nail your message for the market, attract and secure positive media coverage to position you as an authority in your field and build a brand bursting at the seams with your values and unique magic.


Our time together is unique to your business, goals and needs, and could include:

  • Getting crystal clear on your brand, your business mission and personal message 
  • Setting business goals, creating a launch strategy or customised publicity schedule to grow your influence and make a genuine impact
  • Updating your website, social media platforms and all touch points to ensure your message is consistent and media won’t find any ‘black holes’ that put a mark against your name
  • Craft a killer press release that gets noticed and used
  • Develop key messages; sound bites and your elevator pitch so you are confident pitching your ideas, selling your story and using only the essential information media needs to say ‘YES’ to your idea.
  • A comprehensive marketing and public relations plan to launch your new offer, boost your profile or showcase your knowledge and wisdom to sky rocket your reputation
  • Mindset tools and techniques that empower you to stop playing small, and grow your business in alignment with your big picture vision
  • Teach you the essential marketing tools and techniques I’ve used for 20 years that have won me industry accolades and made me the go-to marketing girl not scared of making big things happen
  • Resources and checklists from me to keep you on your a-game as the CEO of your empire and launch you as a household name
  • Plus much more as needed…

Why work with me? 

I believe you can’t achieve success without a strategy, but I also believe that what might have worked for HER might not be the best approach for YOU, because you are NOT the same. 

I will take my broad experience working in agencies, corporate companies and boutique brands and combine it with my personal experience of creating, launching and selling a national print and digital magazine to show you how you can show up online with confidence, grace and your special sparkle to make beautiful things happen. 

Oh… did I mention I also have a Degree in Communications, am a qualified Beautiful You Coach, followed my intuition to live in Paris (alone!) and created an award-winning fundraising event for women and family victims of domestic violence that went on to become a national campaign spearheaded by Marie Claire magazine at only 24 years of age? 

That’s why I know in my heart of hearts that anything is possible when you mix Soul and Strategy! Because you need both for sustainable soulful success. 

I believe in you. Are you ready to lean in and believe in you too? 

Who is this service for?

  • If you have been in business for a minimum of 12 months and are a Coach, Healer, Practitioner or Consultant on a mission to serve others
  • OR are a brand new business ready to launch an innovative new product or service the media need to know about
  • Are ready to become a household name; sell your products and services with ease and reach a bigger audience
  • Are ready to stop playing small and lean in to what is really possible for your business 
  • Need the personal and bespoke support to make great shifts in your marketing and mindset to make media happen 
  • Are fed-up and frustrated with everything you’ve done so far, want to stop hiding and finally become known as the leader in your field. 
  • You’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work required to make great things happen.

Your Coaching Series will include: 

  • A Pre-Coaching Questionnaire to help us both prepare for our first session 
  • 1 x 90minute goal setting session plus a review of your current marketing activities to understand exactly where you’re starting from
  • 5 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching appointments via Zoom (held each fortnight)
  • Personal guidance writing press releases, pitching for media interviews / articles and my professional advice and guidance on what media want
  • Unlimited email support and messages for ongoing support, and motivation
  • Unlimited access to email me so I can review your work, read your content and provide feedback
  • A Google Doc with our appointment notes, resources and helpful professional links I refer to in our sessions

*Please note, this is a coaching offer only. Click here if you wish to hire me as a Consultant. 

Your investment: $2,400 one-off payment 

or choose a payment plan of $800 per month x 3.