Publicity Strategy & Mentoring 

Securing highly-valuable media coverage for your business, brand and book doesn’t have to be all stress and no fun! Let me show you how…

When the time comes to finally launch your new baby or supercharge your business to the next level, and get everyone to goo and gah over it (and invest with you!) the level of information and preparation you need, can be overwhelming! 

There is so much love, heart, sweat and tears that goes in to your divine new product, book or business venture and the last thing you want to happen, is it falls over flat because your communications strategy was left until the last minute. 

A slap, dash, half-trash plan is just not gonna fly in this digital age of 24/7 news, social media trends and influencer marketing. 

That’s where I can help. I know every single soul behind the big media and marketing stories are different, and what you want to share and show needs a spotlight shining on it! 

You haven’t produced this divine new offer for it to gather dust. The world needs your magic and I’m here to help you shine it across the globe with confidence, clarity and commitment. 

That’s why Publicity Strategy & Mentoring is the best solution. It’s a unique combination of both my COACHING and CONSULTING services to maximise your results and skyrocket your business to the next level.

Let’s break it down: 

  • We’ll connect over Zoom for a private two-hour consult so you can brief me on your project, your goals and your campaign timelines, plus discuss any questions I may have.
  • I will audit your current website, social media platforms and marketing strategies to find opportunities to strengthen your brand, provide one consistent message and ensure all media touch points are up to date and ready for publicity 
  • I’ll get to work on creating a customised communications plan to suit your needs, which will include but is not limited to: Media relations, brand partnership and marketing collaboration ideas, in-person events or stunt concepts, social media content, newsletter copy and more if suitable 
  • We’ll then come back together via Zoom for me to walk you through the whole plan in detail, and my recommendations on how to implement the plan and areas that require fine-tuning
  • Live meeting once a month via Zoom for three months to work through and review your Publicity Plan, provide guidance, answer questions, tweak the strategy as needed and work through any challenges or mindset struggles that come up during the launch phase
  • Unlimited email support for three months to read your material, answer questions and keep you on your a-game!

Specifics of what you will receive include:

  • A detailed marketing and communications plan to achieve your goals
  • 1 x customised media release prepared by me 
  • Comprehensive key messages (i.e. sound bites) for interviews prepared by me
  • A list of potential story ideas and my recommended media to target with each article
  • A media pitch email template that gets noticed and a response
  • An up-to-date media and contact list customised to your plan
  • Specific story ideas for suitable media (traditional and digital), influencers, blogs and podcasts
  • Media Kit checklist, Professional Bio review and Image Library audit
  • Website review to identify any potential ‘black holes’ media will notice
  • Mentoring includes 1 on 1 media coaching and interview preparation to dissolve those nerves and hit all your key messages with confidence 
  • Plus guidance on how to re-purpose media coverage as content on other platforms to maximise your exposure and continue the great work! 

It’s everything you need delivered on a silver platter so you can reach out to media and share your message with the masses.

It’s your time to make magic.

Investment: $3997 one-off payment

Or choose a payment plan of 3 instalments of $1333 per month