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As an award-winning Public Relations Specialist, Sian Yewdall can entertain, educate and empower your audience with her diverse range of media stories (both successes and failures) curated over two decades of working in the industry. 

The former corporate PR-Girl packed in her well-paying high-flying job to live in Paris at 27 years of age – despite not speaking French – and has gone on to publish and edit a national print and digital magazine to support female entrepreneurs which garnered international attention and influential cover stars. 

Today, she is dedicated to supporting business owners raise their recognition and revenue via the power of free and strategic media coverage as a Coach & Consultant. 

Key topics Sian loves to discuss include: 

  1. The 7 Step-Process To Plan, Pitch & Profit From Publicity 

2. The Ultimate Strategy To Position Yourself As An Expert In Media 

3. Harnessing The Power of Free Media Coverage To Skyrocket Your Mission & Message

Each talk is prepared to suit a 30 to 45 minute presentation however can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Sian loves writing guest articles and has featured on a number of podcasts to chat all things PR and making media magic! 

If you’re seeking a female business owner to connect and network with your conference delegates on all things media, publicity and granting permission to shine their light on a bigger stage, please contact her here.